Jessica Butrich

Jessica Butrich (1985) was born and raised in the city of Lima, Peru. For 15 years, she has reinvented the aesthetics of the past with a unique style, exploring the use of graphic and feminine elements that characterize her today. It was in 2013 when she consolidated Butrich, known in the local scene as the brand of hearts, reinventing herself as a designer and being applauded for creating a Latin universe with retro airs, evoking an exuberant and confident woman who knows how to have fun when dressing.

Shortly after graduating, she was already producing shoes and participating in the most important fashion events in Lima, arriving at international events such as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid and being the international guest at the IFLS in Bogotá. Her constant curiosity and her addiction to vintage things led her to take millinery courses in New York and today she continues to design with the same freehand technique that she used when she was a child. Jessica develops at least 8 collections per year, all of them handmade in Peru with the best materials, and lives in a constant search for new forms, elements and finishes that allow her to reinvent herself collection after collection. Her obsession with details makes each shoe a story and an object of sophisticated irreverence.



    • This Is Collection.
    • 15th Anniversary of the brand.
    • Fiesta Collection.
    • Oasis Collection.
    • Theory of Color Collection in collaboration with Child of Universe.
    • Envy Collection.

    • Galaxia Tropical Collection.

    • Americana Collection.
    • Disco Presentation in Lifweek.
    • Disco Collection.
    • Butrich La Mar Flagship Store Opening.



    • Paraiso Collection.
    • Safari Collection.
    • Jardín Prohibido Collection in collaboration with Natalia Merino.
    • Butrich A Gogó Collection.
    • Poción de Amor Collection.

    • Corazón Latino Collection.
    • Convertibles Collection.
    • Obsesión Collection in collaboration with HP.
    • Presentation in Bogotá of Butrichmanía Collection.
    • Butrichmanía Collection.
    • Circo Butrich Collection.



    • Mambo presentation in Lifweek.
    • Mambo Collection.
    • Alter Ego Presentation in Lifweek.
    • Alter Ego Collection.

    • Flower Punch Presentation in Lifweek.
    • Flower Punch Collection.
    • 10th Anniversary Collection.
    • La Vida es un Juego Collection.



    • Amor Imposible Presentation in Lifweek.
    • Amor Imposible Collection.
    • Presentation in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - Madrid.
    • Dasso Showroom Opening.
    • Siete Vidas Contigo Presentation in Lifweek.
    • Siete Vidas Contigo Collection.
    • First Bunnies and Butterflies Collection.

    • Jessica Butrich designs her first shoe.